d66 Punk Fantasy Backgrounds

(remix of an old article I wrote about warhammer fantasy, into a d66 table for Kontextspiel d6 and other FKR frameworks)

John Blanche (I think)


11 Grave-Robber: an honest take on the typical adventurer's job description.

12 Deserter: kings come and go. Steel don't care whether you bleed blue, gold neither.

13 Pied-Piper: you prefer the company of vermin. They get you better than any man.

14 Bangtail: why of course I had the loveliest time dear… now about that treasure map…

15 Reanimator: your cure for death has had mixed results so far, that is true. But your new servants ain't much for complaining.

16 Barber-surgeon: you're a mediocre hairdresser but a fine surgeon. Or the other way around? Anyways, pass the booze, stops me hands from shaking.

21 Pamphleteer: one day they will publish your theories in real books. In the meantime, smut keeps you fed.

22 Bounty-hunter: you trade in criminals, mostly dead ones. Everyone hates you.

23 Jester: juggling balls and a silly costume. You can spit fire.

24 Sailor: a lover in every port, you have attachment issues and are alcoholic on a 3+.

25 Gambler: a pair of dice and a small pistol. All loaded.

26 Gamekeeper: take a feathered cap and longbow. You talk to animals, but don't actually understand them.

31 Guttersnipe: there's d6 of you, none older than 14.

32 Minstrel: a lute, pan flute or other sort of annoying noise-maker. Literate on a 5+.

33 Muleskinner: huge knife, beaver hat, alcoholic on a 3+.

34 Northern Berserker: when naked and covred in war paints, ignore injury on a roll of 6.

35 Peasant: you suck. You have a very smelly cheese and some dirt in your pockets.

36 Peddler: a small cart of useless junk, amongst which is an important McGuffin.

41 Pharmacist: phials of drugs and animalbane. People think you know how to do field surgery, but you don't. Literate.

42 Pit Fighter: knuckle-dusters, lots of scars, missing teeth, violence doesn't faze you.

43 Racketeer: long knife, animal mask made of straw and papermâché

44 Raconteur: book of stories and pretty blonde hair. You can't read.

45 Rake: like a noble, except you're only pretending. Ok so like a noble.

46 Seer: visions when you sleep or take drugs.

51 Servant: stolen cutlery worth some silver, fancy dress (also stolen).

52 Smuggler: stolen goods worth some gold, always shoots first.

53 Squire: arming sword, field surgery, animal husbandry, severe emotional scars.

54 Thief: lockpicks, large back and a black hooded cloak.

55 Wizard's Apprentice: magical grimoire you don't understand. Cast spells!

56 Zealot: a flail, thorny whip. Covered in scars. Fucked up belief system, fairly antisocial.

61 Sea Elf: clan tattoos, rapier and a bad attitude.

62 Snow Elf: filed teeth, ivory skin, ebony eyes, enjoys human flesh.

63 Goblin: fucked up looking little wretchling. You enjoy setting things on fire.

64 Pigman: a witch has been sewing the head of pigs onto wicked men. Once in a while, one retains his ability to speak and think for himself.

65 Hobbit Fieldwarden: you're some kind of sheriff from the lollipop guild.

66 Dwarven Deathseeker: mohawk, tattoos, piercings and a death wish. Fearless.
If a system shock roll says you run away, treat it as "overcome injury" instead.


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