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Interlock Remix

No session report this week, I had to reschedule then cancel due to personal issues. So here's some unnecessary hack. R. Talsorian Games' Cyberpunk tRPG line is great. I've had a lot of fun with everything from the original Cyberpunk (aka CP 2013), the classic 2020, even 3.0. Never played RED but it seems cool. I'm less interested in baroque systems covering as many situations as possible at this point though, and moreso in bits and bobs of procedure I can use to run short games. I've written a hack of Zaibatsu in the past, called Fast-Forward, though Zaibatsu is closer in feel to Traveller than Cyberpunk. Here's my latest attempt at making a Cyberpunk procedures document I can actually see myself running without fighting the game itself on the regular, while keeping some of its at-the-table vibe. Characters Roll 3d10, treat results of 1-3 as "4" instead. Assign them to BODY, REFLEXES & TECHNICAL APTITUDE. Out of the nine stats, only these three ma

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