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Shadowrun Duet - Part 2 - Got a Job for You

Part 1 Here. Audio Here. Smells: ozone, rubber, sweat, sex, mold Sounds: the rain outside, tapping on concrete, small glass windows, and here and there the rythmic plic plocking of water sipping through moldy holes. Your footsteps on the old linoleum staircase, fumbling of keys as you try to open the door marked 0451 Sights: your rundown shitty apartment in Redmond, it's this big studio with cardboard boxes everywhere, tons of your old shit you should have thrown out by now, lots of stuff that's not yours but you just left it there. Cardboard boxes serve as furniture when they're not just pillars screwing with the feng shui of the place. The neighbors above are fighting or fucking, or both. Probably both. Nothing's on the trid it's just re-runs of Dunkelzhan's early interviews - the sly old dragon and his interpret explaining magic 101 to this anchors newswoman who tries her best to appear unfazed at the giant lizard and his puppet-like mouth-piece. KNOCK KNOCK

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