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A tRPG "manifesto" that came to me in a dream.

  Wot it says on the tin. It was called "Maximalism" or "High Trad" though I am unaware of what these terms might mean at large or (gasp) in the RPG Theory Circles, so just call it Halloween's New Trad or something. The core idea was to have granularity of fluff wherever possible. Think hardcore simulationism but for non-mechanized elements. Every NPC has a name, a detailed description, an agenda, a voice. Every single interaction that involves PCs talking to someone, be it other PCs or NPCs, should be played out in first person. Any time you would go "I tell him about X", you don't get to just say that, you have to actually say the things how your character would say it. You won't be penalized for being a bad actor in so much as the table isn't judging your artistic merit or acting ability, but it certainly helps to get comfortable with the degree of involvement and immersion this leads to. Similarly, player-characters ought to be detailed

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