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Another hack - more fun with the Skorne "SRD" . A. Ability Scores Roll 2d6 in order for strength (STR), dexterity (DEX) and moxie (MOX). On a 2-3, write -2. On a 4-5, write -1. On a 6-8, write nothing. On a 9-10, write +1. On a 11-12, write +2. B. Character Type Roll a d6 or choose a character type. In Campaign Play, the Judge will replace or alter character types as they are played.  1. Knight Spear, longsword, kite shield, full plate with vizored helm, faithful steed with mail barding When others would fear and cower, you laugh and smile in the midst of death. 2. Priest Rapier, repeater crossbow, holy cross, holy water, holy bible, regular garlic No magic save for stalwart faith and absolute resolution to destroy evil. 3. Bandit Flintlock pistol, pair of daggers, six knives, smoke bomb, caltrops, lockpicks, scars You spent years in prison and vowed never to be captured ever again. 4. Dvergr Smith's hammer and tools, master engineer, runs on alcohol, can wear corpses as

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