[Session Report] Mike's Dungeons - Magical Girl Dungeon Squad #3

More of the text-based game!

Cujo and Felicia were NPCs for most of this one.

Expedition #2
• Found a dying boar near the dungeon's entrance. The elf soothed its pain while Felicia killed it. Then the party butchered it for meat, only to be interrupted near the end of the process by a young green dragon they fled from.

Expedition #3
• Foiled an ambush by two bandits at the first door. Lots of failed attack rolls led the party to be doused in oil. One of the henchmen threw the torch at one bandit, knocking him out. The other rushed to grab the torch and immolate the whole party... Dorethiel and Cujo throw good daggers, saving the group once again.

• The survivor is interrogated, revealing his name: Jango, and a bit of map for the first level. There's chaotic robbers to the north-east, some "hoppers" nearby and some bags of copper coins in their hideout. They let him go eventually.

• Next, they go back to the centipedes room, and explore a long corridor to the west of that. And they get surprised by two giant spiders (3HD). Noldred is killed on the spot, Elise barely makes it, again. They decide to call it quits for today.

• At the entrance, the green dragon is waiting for them. They hold the door closed, and Elise tries to talk to it - it responds! It wants food, so they leave the bandit corpse and spiders to it and it agrees to let them go. 

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