Odd Planet

Odd Planet

Science Fantasy Sword & Planet Post-Apocalyptic Gonzo Weird Fantasy

You know what? I give up. It's a Hack of Into the Odd.

It has psychics, robots, mutants, sun guns, muskets, scimitars and super-tech.

It takes place on post-apocalyptic earth, transformed by the orbital gods.
The World of Dust (actually Poussière) is a strange place. The sun is a gigantic red ball of flame, two moons, one large and blue, one small and green, go around the planet and were always there and totally not created by the gods.
Yep, I think it's Sword & Planet
Boring Rules Stuff 
• I'll be using Electric Bastionland rules (still not out, but there's teasers and such on the Into the Odd Discord) with my own equipment tables (I hate doing these so they're not there just yet). Oh yeah except for the ganging up rules and general damage-related stuff, the reasons why I'm sticking to "classic" Into the Odd can be found at the end of this report).
• Psionnics and Sorcery are straight out of Carcosa, no serious conversion effort needed.
• Only Heavy Metal armor provides armor 1, shields aren't too common and take one hand so that can be worth armor 1 too, with both items being Bulky.
Character Generation

For your first character, I recommend you play as an Earth Man, otherwise, roll the dice of your choice:

d4     Most common man-types
d6     Less common man-types
d8     Most man-types
d10    All man-types
d12    All man-types & some weirdoes
d20    All kinds of crazy stuff

Once you’ve rolled or picked your race-as-class, roll your ability scores using 3d6 in order for STR, DEX & CHA (unless specified otherwise), roll 1d6 for your starting HP and record any special abilities or equipment. You also begin with 1d6 Px (Pix/Pixiz, Ur-Dahab coin), no Giri (social currency) and some bartering junk (enough for a night’s rest and some food).

Some Stuff that’s Good to Know
The Races of Men are weirdly colored people with an ambiguous ethnicity (actually a mix of genengineering from the “Gods”) - their skin ranges from pastel to bright, with darker hair of the same color and “technicolor” high contrast eyes and blood. While they are biologically compatible, union between different colors will not result in pregnancies.

With the exception of White Men, Robots, Hippo Men & Giant Telepathic Spiders, all the other races are mutated humans (although few would actually know that in the world of Dust). They all speak some weird, esperanto-like common tongue which Earth people pick up surprisingly fast (about a day among natives is enough to become fluent). 
All races also have their own, more insular languages.

 The Crimson Lands (n°4 on the bigger map)
1. Blue Seeker
Riding lizard (STR 12, DEX 9, 5HP, claws & barbed tail (d8)), bone spear (d6), father's skull
You are a wisdom-seeking, three-eyed, dinosaur rider from the Desert of Spires.

2. Red Warrior
Scimitar & dagger (d6, d8 if paired), sun gun (d6) and giri (social currency)
You are an honorable long haired warrior and protector of Yeghvard.

3. Green Warrior
2d6+6 STR, 2d6 CHA, giant dinosaur tooth (d10, 2H, Bulky)
You are a four-armed cannibal brute of the Skull Jungle.

4. Yellow Noble
Noble's veil & manchettes, obsidian dagger (d6), personal slave
(d4=1-Pink Dancer, 2-Green Brute, 3-Red Yojimbo, 4-Black Assassin)
You are a long-limbed merchant-king and master of Yeghvard.

5. Orange Drone
2d6+6 STR, 2d6+3 CHA, only eat minerals, pickaxe (d6), shovel (d6), clan tattoos
You are a short, stocky, rock eating slave with a deep hatred of individualism.

6. Purple Bard
2d6+6 CHA, d6 random drugs (see Narcosa), nunchakus (d6 or d8 if paired), book of stories
You are a mystical, drug-addicted, hedonistic trickster and itinerant storyteller.

7. Pink Dancer
2d6+6 CHA, 2d6+3 STR, people touching you must restrain themselves to avoid attempting to bed you, prolonged contact forces a CHA save to avoid falling under your influence,
sensual & provoking dresses, hidden shiv (d6)
You are an erotic dancer and artist with an euphoric and hypnotic touch.

8. Black Assassin
Pigments of various colors to disguise yourself into another race, long knife (d8 in your hands, d6 otherwise), attacked against unsuspecting targets bypass HP.
You are a grim follower of the Death Cult of Rajhan, the nomad people of the Nightmare Wastes.

9. White Giant
d12+6 STR, immune to sun-based weaponry, instantly recognize and know how to use most ancient tech, emotionless sociopath.
You are a 10’ tall, hairless, black eyed mute, wielders of ancient technologies.

10. Bone Man Sorcerer 
Darkvision, summoning-name of a ghost, sacrificial dagger (d6) and knowledge of sorcery.
Everything except your skeleton is transparent.
You are a ghost-worshipping, troglodyte, loathed sorcerer of the Depths.

11. Mutant
A member of the ten races of men (roll d10) touched by the Hanma [Gift/Curse].
Some see them as less than human, others believe them to be the Gods’ favorites.
Roll 1d4! -1 (minimum 1 for each roll, explodes on natural 4) mutations from there:

12. Mantis-Man
2d6+6 DEX, whip (d6), barbed net and flintlock pistol (d6).
You are a cruel bounty-hunter and loner who values survival and individualism.

13. Snail-Man
Very slow, start with a business and gang with basic stats.
You are a huge slimy bastard, mercantile ruler of the Silken Conclave.

14. Simian
Translator box, Sun gun (d6), you can easily understand both ancient technology and hypergeometry (although practice of the latter is frowned upon among Simians).
You are a highly advanced and sophisticated (some would say snobbish) ape.

15. Plant-Man
Armor 1, whip vines (d6), taking roots for a day restores all ability scores.
You are a gentle, long-lived, pondering sentient plant.

16. Corvian
Rapier (d6), understand all birds, pet Crow (1 hp, 3 STR).
You are an enigmatic bird-person of the Petrified Forest, you can glide but not fly.

17. Hippo-Men
Sun rifle (d10) or Flintlock pistol (d6) & sabre (d8 in your hands, d6 otherwise), armor 1
You are a gun-loving militaristic mercenary from Outer Space.

18. Robot
d4-1 Armor, 3d6 HP but needs repair instead of Rest, roll a Random Robot or pick details.
You are a machine given thought and will to power. You hate fleshy meatbags.

19. Giant Telepathic Spider
CHA save to read minds (on a fail, they notice your attempt), you’re a giant spider.
You’re a giant telepathic spider from another dimension. You’re stuck here now.

20. Earth Man
Slick Pajamas & sun gun (d6)
You woke up from a deep sleep with no memory of where and when you come from, into a strange and hostile world that seems oddly familiar. You recognize and know how to use most ancient technology in a matter of minutes.


  1. This looks sweet !
    Please more of this wonderful stuff (i like it even though planetary gonzo really not my style is). Into The Odd forever !

  2. I'm very much enjoying your hand-drawn maps for this!