Twenty Years after the Liberation Civil War that saw the end of the Hegemony and the birth of the Trilateral Peace Council, the world is in the midst of a cold war between the Pangean Federation, the Revolutionary Socialist Union and the Democratic Alliance of Boreal. It is not only a slow bid for rapidly depleting resources in an Atomic Era, but an Ideological War between Corwinism, Chekovian Materialism and Neo-Sindarism.

The Pangean Federation and its allies of Irèse, Cairn and Carmilia are united by Corwinism, either Radical, Liberal or Hegemonist; as well as their attachment to the Reformist and Orthodox Illuminar Churches.

While the Federation is more radical (read: libertarians), Cairn and Carmilia are still governed by their Hegemony-era autarchs and boast a strong hegemonist bend. Irèse, having once been a haven for utopist free-thinkers, is a mixed bunch with a liberal party but also a socialist one still in activity. Carmilia is where Bonaventurian Romantics originitated although the orthodox version of the creed holds allegiances to no nations or crowns. "Classicists" romantics have instrumentalized the aesthetic and self-congratulatory aspects of Bonaventura's philosophy, minus the celebration of diversity and love, to use it as a pipeline toward hegemonism and hyperborean supremacism.

To the south, Hildenlandt and Krivnistan officially recognize the RSU (Revolutionary Socialist Union)'s sovereignty, whereas the radical materialists of Trinistan managed to preserve some independence due to their alliance with Irèse. The Free City of San Libertad in particular is the last haven of revolutionary radical materialists and jaded (or naive?) utopists, as well as boasting the strongest mixed breed* diaspora presence.

To the north-east, the Democratic Alliance of Boreal is more isolationist and discrete than the other two major forces, but has strong allies in Serania (whose Princes were already rich enough to be independent during the Hegemony era), Heendel (the spiritual capital of both Haadism, the Orthodox Illuminar Church and the remnants of Ancestor Worship), and the reluctant Protectorate of Hyperborea (your local friendly tundric fascists).

*: ok so that bit needs context. The people of this world are furries, like cartoon animals ala Blacksad or Usagi Yojimbo or Albedo. And like in Beastars, mixed unions are somewhat of a social taboo, because of specism. Hyperborean supremacists are literally obsessed with animals' fur/scale/skin colour which is insane and has no grounds in science. Anyways, it's a diaspora because the Hegemony attempted to exterminate all 1st to 3rd generation mixed, essentially commiting a genocide. The Hegemony, as it name hints at, was fucking disgusting.

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