[Session Report] Fast-Forward #2 - Some are Born to Sweet Delight (pt. 2)

We played the second part of my cyberpunk adventure. Min's player couldn't join us, and followed as an NPC.

• Emmanuel "Manny" Cruz - Street Doc
• Kholwé "Mayweather" Mbani - Enforcer
• Fish-Faced Min & Big Mo' (NPCs)

What Happened?
• Opening the coffin locker where Allison's stalker was hiding, the party found a fresh corpse - died from sensory overload in simsense (braindance). He had been stalking the target and was jacked in her mind last night.

• Through his coffin's computer monitor, they watched her get picked up by the Swede (white suit, white gloves) and get to the Harasu Skin Massage Parlour. Where she got stabbed with a needle and fell asleep, only to wake up to buzzing noises and intense pain - which killed the stalker through biofeedback.

• They call Big Mo' to warn him that Allison might be dead, and he gets pissed and sad, and is on his way to fuck up whoever did it to her. Turns out he was closer to her than he initially mentioned.

• Arriving at Harusa Skin, the crew decided to be sneaky. They climbed from the back onto the roof, opened a skylight and, after checking that the place was mostly deserted, took the security guys (three yakuza-looking dudes) by surprise by slamming the secroom door open and holding them up. One did try to move and got a hole in the chest (though the doc patched him up and sent Min to bring him to Doc Orwell's clinic so he wouldn't die). They also grabbed the high schooler at the reception before she could flee and brought her into the room.

• Checking the other rooms, they found a hidden hatch leading to an underground lab door, locked with a security card none of the security people had in their pockets (or gave them). Oh, and while Manny was exploring, Mayweather ordered pizza for the hostages, and some udon noodles for the crew. Gotta eat.

• Later on, two masseuses arrived and nearly escaped but were held up and added to the list of hostages. They said Mr. Andersson (the Swede) was on his way with a new "client". He called one of them, and Mayweather had her pretend everything was fine. The ruse worked.

• They ambushed Snorri Andersson, let the escort boy accompanying him get away and started recording everything he said. Explaining that they were the Tokyo Private Police Force, and that he was under arrest for illegal organ-legging and conspiracy. He kept his cool and suggested they might be unhinged, but cooperated. Leading him down the lab, he opened the door and revealed a ripper doc clinic with freezers full of parts, two very calm doctors and Allison Wonderland, missing her lower body and a liver, but still alive and sedated.

• After calming down Big Mo' who threatened to paint the walls with Andersson's brains, they decided to negotiate: they would take Andersson's 5,000 nuyen company credit card to an ATM, use the money to pay what Allison owed to Big Mo' and what they now owed to Doc Orwell for patching up goons that they shot, and keep the rest as payment for the job. Manny also spent hours under more anti-sleep drugs to help the docs operate on Allison to give her new parts so that she could live a somewhat normal life. Big Mo', having realized his fuck up, agreed to pay for her physical therapy. She would later call the crew to thank them somewhat dryly, and explain that Big Mo didn't exactly tell the truth - she left him after he started getting violent, and she had paid the rig with both of their work, when he was still with her. Big Mo' also agreed to call Mr. Schwartz, the fixer he works for, and put it a good word for the very clean job the crew had pulled off.

• The Picadilly Gang (angry psychotic clown gangbangers, one of them survived to tell the tale)
• Wounded Templar in Recovery at Doc Orwell's (saved by Manny, an enemy of the Templars)
• Snorri Andersson of Odin Security (blackmailed by the Crew, "no hard feelings")

Post-Session Thoughts
• This one went pretty well. Took us about 3h tops with some time spent debriefing and wrapping up the money issues. Slight adjustments to combat rules made it even faster and still very lethal - though I have yet to find a good occasion to try it against the PCs; ambushes are what it's all about, the security guys had no chance - and in retrospect, they should have cooperated there, no reason to risk their lives.

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